Broker / Owner

I have been working as a Realtor/Broker for the past 19 years and have delved into both the residential and commercial realms. I have built many investor portfolios, have worked with high-profile clients & celebrities, primarily focused on high-end homes and smaller commercial developments.  I pride myself on my honesty and respect for my clients goals.  I have a keen eye for finding the "deal" for my buyers, and when selling have a record of raising the values in the neighborhood by getting top dollar. I am dedicated to looking out for your best interest and go above and beyond to make sure your needs have been met.  


I am also passionate about the environment and feel that by providing resources for my clients they are better able to make educated decisions about green design, green living, green incentives that in turn can help buyers/sellers receive a higher return on their investments.  I believe that, without sacrifice, we can improve the quality of our life, by switching to living a greener lifestyle.




A long time time resident of San Diego, Cindy Rankin has a proven sales record of hard to sell homes. She has also helped first time buyers navigate the process of purchasing their first home.

Born in the Netherlands, Cindy moved to Southern California as a teenager. She has earned the reputation as one of the pre-eminent makeup artists in Southern California. After working with celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, CEOs of businesses such as LinkedIn, WeWork, Instagram, and Adidas, not to mention various films and television shows. This has helped Cindy meet the needs of various types of personalities. The long hours of a workday in the film industry solidified a steadfast work ethic, which was ingrained as a young teenager having horses and a farm to tend. This combined experience made representing a member of a popular band in the purchase of a high end luxury home come very naturally. 


Cindy sold 31 homes in just a few years, and now looking forward to transitioning into a partnership with Designer Home Realty. 


Business is about relationships and negotiations - and bridging divides is a part of negotiating. "How can we make this work?" is a question Cindy usually asks in a difficult negotiation.

Cindy strives to maintain a work-life balance by spending time with her two sons and friends. She also loves cooking, gardening and her animals - including a few chickens.


Design Consultant

My passion for design began when I was a little girl and I would walk around my fathers commercial properties, I loved to watch as the blue prints would would jump off the pages and develop into reality. I believe good design is an expression of many contradictions. One that is simple yet complex, considers form and function while possessing a timeless quality that pushes the boundaries of design. My approach is a mixture of innovation and functionality to create spatial experiences. Working primarily with investors and builders on both residential and commercial spaces has given me the freedom to approach design that speaks to me. It’s about designing and creating a space I would want to live or work in. With an approachable, collaborative way of designing and problem solving, I believe in dreaming big and vaulting over obstacles to arrive at fresh new solutions.

Meet The Dream Team

Natalee MacDonald, broker/owner of Designer Homes Realty, has an extensive array of life and previous work experiences she utilizes in all aspects of leading the Designer Homes Realty dream team!


This incredible team includes Cindy Rankin, record breaking sales agent and top negotiation extraordinaire and Ashley Tatum, lead designer and founder of GNR Designs, all of whom are friends and offer different services and previous work and life experiences which we tailor to best serve each clients personal unique needs.


Working both in unison as well as independently, each team member share the same value system and treat each client as if they were family!  In fact, most clients are referrals based and return clients, which speaks for its self.

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